Google Camera on Xperia M dual

Another reason why I a KitKat custom ROM on my Xperia M dual is Google Camera, as it is available on Jelly Bean 4.3 - the official version from Sony. The stock camera app is also not able to be added with the background defocus. Once I have added, well, I have to say that it is not that easy to use it to take a blurry background. Google camera app can do this easily and much less effortlessly. And here is the picture. I have another pictures taken with Google Camera app on M dual, but this one is the best.
So, if you want to have great pictures with your Xperia M dual, I suggest you to use any KitKat custom ROM, download Google Camera app from Play Store, and try it yourself. You'll be amazed that such a cheap cellphone camera could have great pictures.

A Head of A Peacock Picture

Is it? LOL! I don't know the name of the bird. Do you know it? Anyway, I love the color of the bird. Bright blue with red and black. Whatta nice color combination.

Circular Cloud Pict

What do you think of this? I took this in front of my parents' home in Sawojajar Malang. I don't really know how the cloud could form this circular image. Do you know how?

In Front Of Purworejo Church

In Front Of Purworejo Church | This is my son on my wife's shoulder. We're attending 2011 Christmas holy mass at Purworejo Catholic church.
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