Don't mean to show you something. Just love this picture so much!
On the left side of Malang Kota Baru Train Station, you can find many small helmet shops like this. There is also some workshops where you can repair your motorcycle's sadels, or simply change the cover. Don't worry about the price. It is quite cheap.

Violet Orchid

Orchid is considered as the queen of flowers kingdom, along with the rose as the king. I have asked five of my friends, and only one of them pick rose as the best flower. We can not say that this little 'research' is valid, due to the number of participants, so now I'm asking for your comment, which is the most beautiful flower in the world; rose or orchid?

A baliho of Lavalette Play Performance

Last night we went Lavalette Hospital on W. R. Supratman. One of my relative is treated there. What caught my eyes, and of course the camera of my Sony Ericsson G502 - is the baliho. Written in big size letters 'ladalah ladalah.' I'm not sure what it is in english. It is a Javanese. It is usually used to express a surprised feeling.
The baliho is about a play that was performed that night. Some doctors and also nurses acted in the play. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to see the play. I think it is good for the workers to have play performance, but not good enough for the patients, because they are not able to leave their beds, hehe...


Another Sunset's Photo

Hehe, not really a sunset photo. Not as good as what is seen by eyes, but still I love this photo. I took it with my G502. Maybe I should consider to buy a real camera, a good one, that has the capability to do a long distance shoot. Well, I have to wait.

The Sun's Beautiful Violet

Since I was a child, I have been asthonised by the color of sunset. I don't think that the place is giving so much influence to the beauty of sunset. You could say that sunset in Kuta is the most beautiful sunset in the world, but for me, every sunset is beautiful. Unfortunately, we do not have the chance to enjoy it everyday. If you have one, please do not hesitate to share it with me. Every sunset is beautiful.

Beautiful sunset in Resapombo

You may do not have any idea on where Resapombo is. It is a small village in Doko, Blitar, East Java, Indonesia. And this photo was taken on the southern part of the village.
I have just taken this beautiful photo using my G502. 2 hours ago to be sharp. I didn't expect to get so much beauty actually. It is still the original, I haven't got a chance to make any improvement. Nice..., isn't it?

Floral Arrangement

Arranged by Yunita, one of SMK Cor Jesu Malang, as a part of Competence Examination. Yunita is at the 3rd grade of the school.
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