The Elephant's Ear

This flower is actualy a kind of anthurium, but in Indonesia it is called as 'Kuping Gajah' or the Elephant's Ear. Maybe the Indonesian name it that way because of its wide leaves, pretty similar to the elephant's ear, right? I myself love this 'Kuping Gajah' because of some reasons. First, it doesn't need special treatment to plant it. Second, it can grow almost anywhere. Third, the flower is seasonless, you can enjoy its beauty all year long. Fourth, it is so strong. When you are out of town and have nobody to water it, the Elephant's Ear can wait, a week without water is not a big problem for it. Fifth, it has many varieties, you can choose one that you love, let's say the colour, the shape of the leaves, the size of the plant itself. You have many choices.

Jo-lali Flower, a Flower of Remembrance

Jo-lali, or 'do not forget' in English, is the name of the flower. I have no idea why do Javanese call it that way. The flower itself is beautiful. Compared to other popular flowers, this Jo-lali is not well known. It is so hard to find it. Some say that this Jo-lali has supranatural power, some say that ghost loves it. Maybe that's why Javanese do not plant it. I took this picture in front of my parents house in Blitar. They just do not care if Jo-lali is truly a ghost's flower or not. They just love the flower.

White Moon Orchid

In Indonesia this orchid is called 'Anggrek Bulan.' Maybe that is because of its appearance. Can you see that the color and shape remind us to the moon? The moon orchid is considered as one of the best orchid. It can last for months before we have to wait for another flower. Compare it with rose which can only last for 3 or 4 days. No wonder that people adore it very much
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