Sony Ericsson K550i vs G502 Camera Quality

Yellow Rose with K550i Pink Flower photo with G502

Compare those photos above! The first was taken with Sony Ericsson K550i, while the second was taken with G502. As what I have written before on many of my posts, I’m quite disappointed with the camera of Sony Ericsson G502. Its lack of details and inability to capture image in a low light environment, and as you can see on the second photo of pink flower (don’t ask me the name, cause I just don’t know), SE G502 is not able to focus on colors that is too bright or too light. It can capture the green stripped grass, but can not do the same for the light pink. I have tried so many times to shoot this flower with G502, but the result never satisfy me.

Sony Ericsson G502 is made as a low priced cell phone that its main purpose is to have a good internet connection in a low price, as it is completed with HSDPA capability. That’s the reason why it is not equipped with a ‘little bit’ good camera. On the other hand, the K550i’s camera is sometimes to good to be true to be owned buy this cheap cell phone. It has autofocus and a good flash to help you shooting a picture in a low light circumstances.

So, the conclusion is do not expect a good picture quality from Sony Ericsson G502. If you are now living in Indonesia, please wait until the HSDPA or 3G connection are really fully hearted established.

Inside Cor Jesu ‘Ursuline’ Chapel Photo

Inside Cor Jesu Chapel 2

This inside Cor Jesu Chapel photo was taken on January 27, 2009. At that time I was helping some students of Cor Jesu High School’s students bringing back some chairs of the chapel from the yard of Cor Jesu Junior High School. We had to borrow some additional chairs from the chapel, since we do not have enough chairs for about 2500 people who attended the St. Ursula celebration day.

Back to the photo, once again I’m experiencing the very weak point of Sony Ericsson G502. Its camera is really not recommended to be used in an ideal condition. As you can see, there is enough light from the windows that the G502 captured them into an overexposured image. While on the bottom right of this picture, we can see that it is quite dark. I have made some changes to this picture, to reduce the lights from the windows, to reduce some grains on the bottom right side, but ‘garbage in, garbage out,’ it is so much easier to make another good shoot than repair a bad one.

A Clear Sky Photo

A clear Sky Look at to the sky in the morning. The morning sun shines brightly. And this deceptive scene successfully played my mind to be sure enough that the day is going to be that morning. You now, at 12.30 that day, the rain was falling so hard!

I took this clear sky photo in Blitar, at the backyard of my parents home. It was so nice to wake up in the morning and you see that the sky is so clear. Beautiful. I think there is no need for me to write anything more to make this clear sky photo to be clearer then, hehe… The picture itself is more than able to make itself clear.

Resting Dog Cloud

Grouped Cloud
What do you think of the title of this post? ‘Resting Dog Cloud.” Does that make sense? The first time I looked at this cloud photo, I really got nothing in mind. I just thought that the cloud is a little bit scary, for it was clumping. To me, it looks like a resting dog, my brother says it is an elephant. Do not know which one is closer. What about you? What does the cloud look like? I’m waiting for your comment.

Beautiful Paddy Field Landscape Photo

Whatta beautiful paddy fieldThis beautiful photo of paddy field landscape was taken in Kesamben, Blitar, East Java. I took it on my way from my parents’ home in Blitar to Malang. It was really a luck to have that beautiful sky on this photo, because you know, just about 20 minutes after that moment, the rain was falling so hard It was so hard for me to ride on my motorcycle.

Beautiful Paddy Field

This beautiful landscape of paddy field was taken two weeks ago. I love this landscape picture that I use it as my desktop wallpaper. If you like it, you can just save it. If you need to have the original, you can send an email to estheryudi(at)gmail(dot)com, as the pictures in this blog are normally resized to 320 x 240 pixel.

Beautiful ‘Caleg’

Caleg Ayu

As a part of Indonesian next General Election on April, nowadays, you can find this kind of poster on almost every strategic place in a city. No particular city actually, because it is all around Indonesia. Although there is already some regulations on how the posters should be placed, but still I found that those posters are really annoying.

This poster, at least can bring a refreshment, hehe…, for the photo inside is really beautiful. In the end someone could come to a question, is it a political contest or beauty contest?

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