The Ubuntu Logo

This is what I recommend to be the next Ubuntu logo. Of course it is only my wish, hehe. Ubuntu has been using hands to represent togetherness. I think is ok with our feet instead.

Ride With the Train

My wife took this picture with her K510i camera. We were on our way to Blitar just like other week ends. But it was the first time we rode the bike along with a train at our side

Typical Indonesian Landscape

This photo is so Indonesian. Mountain on the background, and green leaves on the street's sides. We call those two big trees as Randu. They produce 'kapuk' that is used to fill pillows and 'kasur' or bed mattras.

OGAN store baliho

I you live in Malang, you must consider OGAN store on Jl. Mahakam as one of the best store which provide cheap goods for your family. It sells electronic stuffs, simple goods from plastics and bakelit, furnitures, antennas, and so on. The cheap prices it offers has made the OGAN store quite known in Malang.
Last night I bought 2GB Kingston's usb flash disk for only 72 thousands rupiah. The store gives me 2 weeks guarantee. Do you know any other store in Malang that has cheaper price than that?

Little Tower from Corn

This is a little tower made of cabbage, corn, and carrots. Not so good compared to some of the last year competition.

Pink Wild Flower Photo

I found this pink wild flower at the yard of my new empty house. It is beautiful but I don't know the name.

Asinan Jakarta Photo

Asinan Jakarta is one of unique local food from Betawi or Jakarta. If you are Indonesian you will be able to understand my explanation on its taste.
Asinan Jakarta is mainly made of various vegetables and fruits with peanuts sausage, no wonder that it tastes like pecel or sambal kacang.

Sony Ericsson K510i vs G502 Camera Comparison

J230i by K510i J230i by G502

Once again I made a comparison on the camera of Sony Ericsson K510i and G502. Guess which one is taken with K510i? Yupz! The first one is taken with K510. This comparison once again proves that Sony Ericsson G502 camera is so poor. It cannot capture the right color instead of the K510i. Although K510i is cheaper and older but the camera is quite good.

Serviam Logo From White Chocholate

This Serviam logo was made by Eunike, one of Malang Cor Jesu Vocational School. They were preparing some cakes to be shown in a kind of exhibition in MOG(Malang Olympic Garden) sometime ago.
The logo is quite nice, isn't it?

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