The Kemiri Photo

Maybe you don't have any idea on what this photo about, or on what Kemiri is.
Kemiri is one of the most important part Indonesian spices. It is always used in Indonesian most consumed food.
Unfortunately, my Indonesian-English dictionary doesn't have that word on it.
Do you its name in English?

Whatta Humble Flower

I don't the name of this beautiful humble flower in English. In Indonesia, we call it as kembang sepatu. If it is translated into Englih then we'll get shoes flower. Funny, isn't it?
I don't know why people call it that way.
It has no special shape nor fragrance. So simple. But still I love it.

Is it me?

This picture is made by 8 friends of mine in three round. At first, I draw a big circle at the center of the page, and then my friends adding other shapes to complete it. On the first round, I was so surprised that there is a pair of earings on the ears. So I added the beard. But still, after that my friends kept on adding feminin shapes on the picture.
Anyway, I have to say that it was a great game!

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