Dinner with my family

So glad to be with my family again. Realy not a common situation.

Overloaded Truck

This is a quite common view in Indonesia. I don't realy know what was on the truck. I was too worried following the truck.

Some Teachers in Malang Attending a Trial of Malang's Diknas Chief

Not much to say about this. I didn't attend the trial myself. All I know is that some vocational school in Malang sued the chief of Diknas Malang (Department of National Education) on this year PSB (New students recruitment program). The state's school is now allowed to recruit new students as many as they can. That makes the private schools do not have enough student to continue their school.
Well, I don't realy know which one is telling the truth.

Gotong Royong Foundation

Gotong Royong Foundation is a place where Chinesse in Malang to keeps their relation passed away body before it is buried or cremated. Malang has two places like this. Gotong Royong and Panca Budhi. Gotong Royong is on Jl. Tenaga Tmn 2, while Panca Budhi is on Jl. Laksamana Martadinata 70, Malang

Stopped at the red light

This is a red light in front of Panti Nirmala Hospital. So crowded. There was a train passing on, and we had to wait for almost 20 minutes.

Celebrating Indonesian Indepence Day

Last Sunday, August 9th, I went to Surabaya. Like on other Augusts, people are so enthusiast to welcome the month. Like the guy on this photo.
He and some other guys were riding old bikes, wearing colonials uniform, travelling around the city. Nice to see them doing that. Hope that I myself have will to do the same thing someday.
Do we need to wait till we are old to do that?

The Morning Sun

My friend gave me this photo. 2 days later, I also visited that place. And that day, I couldn't see the sun in the morning. I guess I was not that lucky.
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