The Cloves

The Cloves 2 The Cloves 3 The Cloves

My father is a farmer. He smokes a lot and plants many cloves. Some years ago I have made some photos of the cloves, but I lost them. So now I’m making them again using my G502. Although the camera is not that good.

I’m using Photoshop to make them look better. The first cloves picture was so out of focus, so I decided to rise the contrast.

Little Rabbit

The Little Rabbit - Kelinci 4 The Little Rabbit - Kelinci 1 The Little Rabbit - Kelinci 2 The Little Rabbit - Kelinci 3

I don’t like pets, but seems like these rabbits change the way I see them.

The South East Bible Seminary

Seminari Alkitab Malang

During last week, I had to wait for my sister in front of this South East Bible Seminary. It is the biggest Protestant Seminary in East Java.

Selling Ta’jil In Sawojajar Malang

Selling Ta'jil in Sawojajar MAlang

On every fasting days, one thing you must see in Sawojajar, Malang is the temporary food sellers. You can many kinds of food there. It is always crowded with people who buy food for the ‘buka’ time.

Rumput Horta

Rumput Horta

As the economy seems slow down, people now become more creative in finding new ways of making money. “Rumput Horta” absolutely has nothing to do with Ramos Horta from Timor Leste.

It is made from the trash of timber industry that is shaped into funny things like Clown Fish and Doraemon. Some Paddy seeds are put inside it. We are supposed to add some water on it and wait for about a week to see the seeds grow. Simple and nice.

Lighting Up The Petromak Lamp

Menyalakan Petromak 5 Menyalakan Petromak 1 Menyalakan Petromak 2 Menyalakan Petromak 3 Menyalakan Petromak 4

Starting from last Monday, we have been renovating our new house in Pakis. Since until now that house hasn’t connected into the PLN electricity service, we have to use this Petromak. I don’t know what it is in English, cause I don’t think it exist outside Indonesia, hehe …

The Petromak uses gasoline as the fuel. It is transformed into gas, burnt, and light up a fabric bulb in the middle of the lamp. One liter of gasoline can last for about 6 hours.

Preparing Stufs For New Students' Orientation

Dian, my nephew is joining RKZ Nursing School in Malang. Today is the first day of the MOS or the New Student Orientation Program.
She had to prepare 40 items.
I must say that the tasks are challenging but also torturing. She only had one and a half day finding and making the stufs, so all of us helped her.

The Old Time PC Photo

This is my school's PC, with AMD 75 MHz processor, 8Mb RAM, 256kb VGA, 640Mb hard disk, DOS 6, Windows 3.11

Whatta perfect PC!! Hehe

Our principal decided to remove it, but first I have to copy some important files.

It reminds me to the PC I used to learn computing years ago. A nice memory.

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