Celebrate Christmas With Neighbours

I've been in this neighbourhood for about one month. It is so nice to live here. The people are so friendly so that a new comer like me is easily accepted.

Beautiful Little Pink Flower Photo

It was just in time I took this beautiful pink flower photo. 20 minutes later they were mowned. Hhh... Sometimes people can't see the beauty when it is not 'at' the place they want it to be.

Whatta Weird Rain

This is the very first time I experienced such a weird rain. I know that photo above couldn't tell you the reason why I called it as the weird rain.
About 50 meters or less from where I took the photo, the rain was falling heavily. So then I wore my raincoat for I was on my motor cycle. But, not more than 75 meters from there, the soil was totally dry. The cloud was covering the sky, but there was no rain at all. Hhh ...
It is only about 700 meters from my house in Graha Valensia, Pakis, Malang

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