Miss the Moment Photo

This is the result of delaying. Missing a moment that only happens once!!
I was riding my motorcycle last saturday when I saw that the sun and some clouds were arranged to form a magnificent view. I enjoyed it and started to think that it was worth taking. I kept on riding while looking for the best angle to shoot it.
And the picture is a result: a miss moment photo. The sun had already too low, the clouds had formed a new shape. Tottaly different from what I had expected. Hhh....

Never hesitate to shoot, or you might loose it- FOREVER.

Using Sony Ericsson K550i autofocus camera

Sony Ericsson K550i is the cheapest autofocus camera phone. The camera is great as long as you don't use it in a low light condition. The result will be extremely poor.
This picture is my first test using the K550i autofocus feature of the camera.

My father has my brother cut his hair

Personally, I prefer seeing my father with his long hair. But of course it is his right to shorten his hair. He wants to be more tidy and clean.

What will you do in very limited water supply condition?

This was what I did this afternoon. Waiting the water to fill a bucket. Do you know how long I should wait to get a litre of water? 41.9 seconds. Huah!!
Hope that you will never experience this situation.

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