Washing A Main Board

I have seen a tutorial on how to totally clean up your main board. It is pretty shocking. My brother decided to try washing one of our main board based on the tutorial.
We haven't tried to turn it on.

Got No Juicer? Use Munthu

Munthu? I bet you have no idea about it. It is a traditional hammer made from stone. Indonesian use it to blend spices like onion, shallot, pepper, and ginger.
Yesterday, we found that our juicer was broken. So we used the munthu to make tomato juice.

Surya Profesional Mild

I'm a smoker. Surya 16 is my favorite. Recently, its price is now about Rp. 10.500,- Well, that's just too high for me. So I began to find alternatives.
And here it comes the Surya Profesional Mild. The taste is great for my tongue, and the price is also more reasonable, about Rp. 7.200,-
Anyone who had ever tried it? Share what you think here

Dual Machines Vespa

I don't know wether this Vespa works or not. It hasn't finished yet. I saw it in a Vespa repair shop near my home.

Rumah Sakit Panti Nirmala

Rumah Sakit Panti Nirmala (hospital) is one of the most well known hospital in Malang. Today, it can be said that it is the biggest, not from the building size but from how it grows compared to other hospitals in Malang
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