Lonely Country Road

This is the main road from Wlingi to Resapombo. Wondering that there are still some empty spaces in Java.

Under The Black Cloud

These were Temy and Slamet, my students at Cor Jesu Vocational School. They were installing some decorating lamps on our school's yard.
I didn't expect to get this grey picture. Beautiful.
No doubt that students had done their best to make our Gala Dinner Party success.
Great job folks!!!

Install Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.8 on Acer Aspire One D250

Have you try to install ubuntu ultimate edition 2.8 on your netbook? If you haven't then you should give your netbook a try. It is great.

Restaurant Table Set Up

Want to learn how to do restauran table set up cheaply or almost free? Come to any tourism vocational school in Indonesia.

Forcing G502 Camera to Shot Autofocus Like Photo

You know that SE G502 doesn't have auto focus feature on its camera. So I take one object right in front of the camera and one object at its focus. And here is the result.

My Son and his grand father

I'm so lucky to have a great father in law like him. He loves my son so much. His love sometimes makes us grow strongly as a family. Thanks mbah kakung.


I'm not used to show my own photo in public. I'm a kind of shy person. Being 'that' narcist is never my option. Is it now the time to show up?
Well, this is me - in narcism

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