Christmas Celebration

In my family, christmas is alaways identic to family gathering, holy mass, and of course: food.
And that's how we celebrate this year's christmas.
After joining the holy mass, we have dinner at home, and continue chatting with the whole family until about 12 p.m.
The food is also special. Tumpeng, rice that is formed into a mini tower shape, Ingkung: baked chiken, and Sambal Goreng: fried tofu and soybean cake, spiced with chilli, garlic, onion, and brown ketchup.

Whatta Cooperating Couple

It is a very common view. A husband with his wife together riding a bike. Take a look at the woman wearing a pink veil. Then now you would not say that it is so common.
She is sitting on the saddle facing backward.
Whatta cooperating couple.

Repairing Our Lovely Vespa

This Vespa is actualy my father's. I used it some years ago when I was taking my degree in Surabaya. Now it is used by my brother.
Unfortunately, the clutch didn't work well. So we decided to change it with a new one. That was the first problem. When we opened the clutch's compartment, we found that some parts of the machines should be replaced too immediately.
That's why we finaly opened the machine totally. Whatta huge work!
It took almost 3 days for us to make it work.

Karang Kates: Dried Up Dam River, in December

This is my last Karang Kates Dam River photo, taken on the first week of December 2009.
As you can see the water level of the Karang Kates is reaching its lowest level. Although the rain started to fall in October but still can not supply enough water for the dam river.
Karang Kates Dam River is divided into two area, the south and north area. This is the north one.
The north part of the dam functions as the supporting dam for the main dam-the south area. The main dam is used as water electricity generator. When the water supply is not enough, the water from the north area is brought to the south part.

Finally We Were Moving To a New Home

Last Sunday, (6 Dec) we moved to our new home. Look the photo, until now I haven't set up my PC. We have no time to set up the PC. And actualy it is because the room is very small, about 2.85x2.85 cm. I should have considered to have notebooks before, hhh...

Another Sunset Photo

Sunset Photo

I took this sunset photo from the my house’s water reservoir. I was checking the water reservoir, whether it was dirty or something, then I realized the the sky was full with that beautiful light. Sunset is always beautiful.  It amazed me with the color.

I have posted more than five sunset photos on this blog. And I haven’t bored yet. Sunset is my favorite type of photo.

There is Kawi Mountain on right side. It was very dark cloud right above me. Not more than half hour after that, the rain was falling. So lucky to have this sunset photo before that happened.

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